The Regenerative
Practitioner Series


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About The Series

The Regenerative Practitioner Series is an intensive deep dive for practitioners who are feeling called to take their capability to practice regenerative work to the next level. We organize TRP cohorts geographically in partnership with local host teams in communities and regions around the world, to support the emergence of communities of regenerative practice that members both support and are supported by as they travel on their learning path.

Regenerative practice is based on the premise that we cannot make the outer transformations required to create a truly sustainable world without making inner transformations in how we think, how we work, and who we are. Our understanding of what’s required of ourselves as practitioners and as human beings deepens as this inner work unfolds. For this reason, we do not think of the series as a “training” but rather as a deep dive into a new way of seeing and thinking about one’s work that provides a new foundation from which to chart a unique developmental path for oneself.

The Series consists of ten two-hour sessions and a culminating three-day Intensive held virtually over Zoom for a cohort of 20-25 practitioners from around Australia. While sessions are held virtually, practitioners have the potential to connect with others in the course, our Australian Regenerates alumni network, and our Australian host team to coordinate Regenesis-supported in-person gatherings in service of their ongoing learning journeys together.


“This is amazing and inspiring work that is immediately useful and life-changing on multiple levels. I am deeply grateful for this work coming into my life and into the world.”

-Rachel Ruckstuhl-Mann

How does the series work?

The Regenerative Practitioner Series is an in-depth, five-month course held over Zoom, consisting of ten two-hour dialogue sessions and a culminating three-day Intensive experience, structured around our curriculum of reading material and practice exercises.

How does the series work?

The Regenerative Practitioner Series is an in-depth, five-month course held over Zoom. The course includes ten two-hour dialogue sessions structured around our curriculum of reading material and practice exercises, and culminates in a three-day intensive workshop.


  • Sessions are two hours in length, held every other week. For each session, participants will complete a preparatory reading and assignment.
  • The sessions themselves combine live instruction with open group dialogue and one-on-one “fishbowl” time, where a single participant works with our instructors to explore a project they are actually working on as a way of bringing strategic frameworks to life for the entire group.
  • The sessions are recorded and made available for download, so you can catch up if you miss a session. Participants typically spend between 3 – 5 hours per week preparing for and engaging in the sessions and course assignments while this portion of the course is underway.
  • In the off weeks between sessions, you will be encouraged to meet with one another in small study groups to work on grounding the content of the sessions through real-life application and a group assignment.
  • Each study cohort receives 4 hours of faculty coaching over the duration of the series.



  • Depending on your cohort selection, your Intensive may be held either online or in person.
  • The Intensive takes place over a long weekend, with sessions lasting all day with a lunch break on Friday – Sunday.
  • The Intensive combines dialogue in large and small groups with journaling and reflection exercises.
  • The Intensive is followed by a final two-hour zoom session, held approximately two weeks after the weekend workshop.

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Is this course right for me?

We encourage all prospective TRP participants to engage in your own process of self-identifying as a regenerative practitioner. To support you in that, we’ve developed a list of qualities that can help you assess whether the course would be a good fit for you.

Is this course right for me?

We encourage all prospective TRP participants to engage in your own process of self-identifying as a regenerative practitioner. To support you in that, we’ve developed a list of qualities that regenerative practitioners tend to share, which can help you see whether the course would be a good fit.

To help with this, you might ask yourself whether some or all of these statements apply to you:

  • You often see bigger potential than is being realized on the projects you’re involved in but haven’t found a way to help your collaborators and/or clients see and align with that potential.
  • You know that sustainability will never accomplish its aims if we can’t change the way we think and work, but you’re not sure how to achieve this.
  • Your work is important and meaningful to you, but you still feel the drive to learn and develop along a path so that your work and the essence of “who you are” become further and further integrated.
  • You have a track record of delivering results, and yet you continually see possibilities beyond the level that you are currently able to realize.
  • You feel a strong desire to be part of a larger community of likeminded practitioners mutually committed to growing and deepening the impact of your work.

If so, you may be a good candidate for the series. If you are considering enrolling in TRP but unsure as to whether the course is right for you, you may request a conversation with a faculty member to mutually assess whether it’s a fit.


What material is covered?

The series is structured around a systemic framework that has been developed and tested over decades of working in communities around the world. The framework integrates four core elements that enable regenerative thinking and working across nested systems.

What material does the series cover?

The series is structured around a systemic framework that has been drawn from and tested through decades of working on regenerative development projects in communities all over the world. The framework integrates four core elements that enable regenerative thinking and working across the nested systems in which we work. 

The learning outcomes of the series are as follows:

  • A deeper understanding and embodiment of regenerative development principles and how they unfold both in your personal life and in projects and communities
  • Greater ability to assess project design and development practices for their regenerative potential
  • Greater ability to define how a regenerative approach would apply to various sectors and fields of practice relevant to your work
  • Increased capacity to manage complexity as a means to deliver greater value to clients and stakeholders
  • A new grounding into the significance of place as a coalescing force for regenerative work, yielding fresh insights and observations into the places in which you live and work.
  • New insight into the contribution that your practice can make to the systems in which you work, and the ability to chart your own developmental path towards realizing that contribution
  • The support of a growing learning community of peers and colleagues who share your commitment to creating profoundly innovative work in service to a healthier community and world.
  • New insights into and discernment around how to grow increasing levels of caring, motivation and spirit in our teams and our projects.

For more information about the content covered in the series, you may download the course syllabus.



Tuition for the series is $2500 USD (your local exchange to AUD rate may vary). To enroll, you may either pay the full tuition amount, or set up six monthly payments of $445 USD each (including all administrative fees). 

If circumstances change and you need to withdraw from the course, you can do so prior to the withdrawal deadline on August 19th. After that point in time, we are unable to offer refunds but will hold any tuition paid as a course credit should you like to participate in any future programming.


We are able to offer a number of $1,000 USD scholarships/subsidies towards the course tuition to practitioners who would not be able to participate in the series without financial support. If you are requesting a scholarship/subsidy, you will be given an opportunity to indicate this on your enrollment form.

We are especially committed to using scholarship funds to create equity of access to this work and inclusivity within our “community of communities.” For this reason we place special priority on requests from practitioners in the following categories:

  • Practitioners who work as community activists and/or organizers serving marginalized populations and/or underfunded communities.
  • Practitioners from underrepresented backgrounds, including Indigenous practitioners and practitioners of color.
  • Practitioners from countries with low economic purchasing power relative to the US (including countries in Africa and Latin America).
  • We are also currently prioritizing scholarship funds for practitioners who are affected by the current global economic situation.

If you are in one or more of the above categories and a $1,000 scholarship is not sufficient to make enrolling in this course possible for you, we encourage you to make a request for additional funds during the scholarship application process.

If you are requesting financial support, you will not complete the process of paying your course tuition until your request is approved. We typically respond to scholarship/subsidy requests within one week of submission.

Course Schedule

All course sessions including the Series Intensive are held over Zoom.

Session Session Date Session Time – Melbourne
Meetup Wednesday 9/7 8am-10am
Session 1 Wednesday 9/14 8am-10am
Session 2 Wednesday 9/28 8am-10am
Session 3 Wednesday 10/5 8am-10am
Session 4 Wednesday 10/19 8am-10am
Session 5 Wednesday 10/26 8am-10am
Session 6 Wednesday 11/9 8am-10am
Session 7 Wednesday 11/16 8am-10am
Session 8 Wednesday 11/30 8am-10am
Intensive Friday 12/9-Sunday 12/11 8am-10am
Session 9 Wednesday 12/21 8am-10am


Enrollment Deadline: August 19th

To sign up for the series, please click the button below to continue on to our enrollment form, where you will set up your student profile, share a little bit about your background, and make your tuition payment. Please note: those requesting scholarships/subsidies will not complete the payment process until funds have been awarded.

If you have any questions about the course prior to signing up, please fill out our inquiry form to get in touch with us.

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Photo credits top to bottom: Melbourne wetlands – courtesy of Melbourne botanical gardens, via PicSnaper. Dialogue at 2018 Bay Area Intensive – Stefanie J. Studio. Illustrations by Ian Durneen.