Communities of Practice

Each year we work with local host teams to organize cohorts of The Regenerative Practitioner Series in regions around the world to support the emergence of communities of regenerative practice. To be alerted when enrollment opens, sign up for our notification list.



Aotearoa (New Zealand) Community of Practice


nau mai, haere mai, piki mai


ko te tangata matariki he tangata ahunga nui

the regenerative human is an awakened being of abundance

- Whakatauki (proverb) by Isaac Bishara


The partnership with Regenesis Institute to develop a local community of regenerative practice in Aotearoa was co-founded by Caroline Robinson of Cabal and Jerome Partington of Living Future Aotearoa New Zealand. Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland has hosted a TRP series every year since 2016, and the growing community of practitioners is now over 100 members. We welcome you to become part of this. Our community of practise includes business leaders, cultural leaders, design, development and planning professionals, researchers, artists, healers, facilitators, community activists, creative entrepreneurs, sustainability managers, permaculturists, community organisers, and more. We are rooted in a dedication to a rich and potent cultural partnership between Māori and settlers in Aotearoa.

If you live in Aotearoa and are interested in connecting with local host team members to hear more about our Community of Practice, please contact host team member Lucy-Mary Mulholland at



Australia Community of Practice

Australia Community of Practice co-hosts Lara Hunt and Drika Horton, in collaboration with the Institute, have been stewarding a regenerative community of practice in Australia for three years, although regenerative seeds were being sown many years beforehand by TRP alumni across Australia. 

As practitioners in an Australian context we respect and value the Indigenous ways of knowing which are inherent to this landscape. Activated by the extremity of the conditions in Australia, we are a diverse community of practise across disciplines. Our community of practise includes people working in design, development and planning; community development and activism; sciences and traditional ecological knowledge; creative entrepreneurship and business development; permaculture and regenerative agriculture; the arts and healing arts; health and wellbeing; education and more.

In our current state we’re working on the relationship between human and human, while learning together what it means for ourselves and our projects to be in relationship with Country. 

“Regenerative practise is about developing the consciousness to perceive and value life in its wholeness.” - Lara Hunt, TRP Australia co-host and TRP alumna


Bay Area


British Columbia


Costa Rica




New England






Pennsylvania Community of Practice

The Pennsylvania Community of Practice includes groups in three areas - Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Harrisburg. 



The Philadelphia community of practice has been meeting for more than two years. We are composed of folks working mostly with the built environment, but also in government, activism, and academia. Essential aspects of our community of practice include a spirit of being the underdog and having potency and impact beyond expectations; convening the discourse around system change; and holding the joining between old ways and the new.

“The beauty of the course is that it opened up vast new potential and possibility within how I will approach projects in the future, while also staying concretely grounded in reality and deeply rooted in practice. I have returned to the frameworks that The Regenerative Practitioner offers again and again to structure my own thinking and approach, both professionally and personally.”   - Geoff Stack, TRP alumnus

Spring 2021 Launch Event: Regenerating Organizations

It is hard to engage developmental processes all by yourself. We believe its impossible actually. We need thinking partners who can help re-source us, support us, mentor us, challenge us, engage us and call out our blind spots, and others need all those same things of us. Regenerative practice is ultimately a team sport, where each of the players brings their own unique abilities to create a field of supportive interrelationships. To do so effectively, we need to evolve the capacity of our organizations to serve the larger whole living systems within which they are nested, concentrating nodal efforts where they will have the greatest systemic impacts for the least effort. Our organizations have a role to play in the health of our communities and the larger living world. This session will engage the participants in the active practice of the application of regenerative design principles to the organizations (companies, nonprofits, families, etc.) of which we are all members.

Join local regenerative practitioners Max Zahniser and Marcus Sheffer to experience Regenerative Practice applied to you, your organizations, and your community. You will learn about this way of thinking & being by directly engaging in this work. You will also learn about the upcoming course, The Regenerative Practitioner, and how you can participate in the development of a local community of regenerative practice.

April 27, 4 pm EST

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The Pittsburgh community of practice has been around almost two years. We started immediately at the end of the 2019 TRP Intensive, agreeing that we would all greatly benefit from continuing to work together.

Our community of practice includes people working in construction, architecture, nonprofits, engineering, legal, storytelling, writing, and education.

Our essence is that of Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh has had to reinvent itself every 20 years or so, from a booming steel town to a medical and education center to the center of robotics and high-tech manufacturing. As we have shed our industrial past, we have embraced the clean air, waterways and verdant hills that form the ecological makeup of this area. We are also a city of bridges, where we seek to connect with one another and match our unique essences.  The can-do spirit of the immigrants that settled here, coupled with the level of education that has been provided and steeped in both tradition and a neighborhood sense of caring has made the region one that recognizes we have good work to do together.  We want to come together to meet the challenges and opportunities we face together.  We would value building our community of practice here so that we might better celebrate our unique essence and more deeply affect the potential of our region with those that also see and want to embrace that potential.

“Adjusting the way people think, to merge with the way that nature works, is the heart of regenerative practice, thinking and design. You can’t do this work alone. It requires that you mesh with others who embody this way of being, thinking and doing by seeking to transform human systems grounded in their place to align with the rhythms and flows of healthy living ecosystems. If you want to do regenerative work you need to have thinking partners! A local community of practice is essential for engaging this work.” - Marcus Sheffer, TRP alumnus

Spring 2021 Launch Event: Becoming Regenerative

“Healthy living systems are constantly evolving. They remain healthy by aligning their evolution with the principles of nature. The same can be said for communities, organizations, or human worldviews . Aligning the way people think, with the way that nature works, is the heart of regenerative practice, thinking and design. Regenerative practice embodies this way of being, thinking and doing by seeking to transform human systems grounded in their place to align with the rhythms and flows of healthy living ecosystems.”

What is regenerative practice and how can it be applied to my work and my life? Join local regenerative practitioner Chris Klehm and Marcus Sheffer of 7group to experience Regenerative Practice applied to the creation of a local community of regenerative practice. You will learn about this way of thinking and being by directly engaging in this work. You will also learn about the upcoming course, The Regenerative Practitioner, and how you can participate in the development of a local community of regenerative practice in the places you live and work.

April 21, 2021 12 PM ET

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The Harrisburg community of practice formed shortly after the 2019 Pittsburgh TRP wrapped; our first meeting was in November 2019, with meetings picking up in 2020. Our first planning workshop was held in March 2020. 

Our community includes practitioners who work as green building consultants, landscape architects, planners, geologists, engineers, permaculture teachers, STEM educators, and more. We’re a collective of individuals that are consciously disrupting our ways of thinking while simultaneously disrupting others, in a way that connects us to the essence of our places, so that we evolve our capacity to regenerate our communities. We see our core value as “evolving capacity”, our core process as “cultivating regeneration”, and our core purpose as “seeking and inviting essence alignment”. 

We are wrapping up the Harrisburg Story of Place project which we are using as an instrument to regenerate our will to apply this transformative way of thinking on a real project. It has been a great instrument at connecting us to the community and the place of Harrisburg but we’re in a transitionary period. We are striving to articulate our role and how we can develop processes/projects using the Story of Place that benefit the communities in the greater HBG area which will ripple out to the Susquehanna Valley. We would love to participate on projects together and apply the Story of Place, but also work together to develop our capacity to practice and apply regenerative thinking.

“The path that led me to regenerative practice continues my lifelong learning process to evolve my capability to contribute to society.  Slowing down to self-manage my thought process and using frameworks that illuminate the whole of a person or place has expanded my understanding of human’s role in living systems. Collaborating with others on the same path has provided a window of hope for the future of Gaia. This work of the heart can’t be done in isolation--community is a requirement!” - Julia Knight, TRP alumna


Spring 2021 Launch Event: Magnetizing Potential - Looking Beyond “Solutions”

Almost nothing worthwhile is achievable without first being aspirational. People are inspired and excited to work on something that seeks to do good for their local communities beyond their own self-enrichment. Implementing “best practices” is often a good start but such solutions need to be filtered through the spirit of each unique place and local culture to be truly effective. They need to be carefully place-sourced by focusing on the collective potential to generate enough attraction to be achievable. How do you begin to work on that which does not yet exist?

Join local regenerative practitioners Shannon Crooker and Marcus Sheffer with 7group to experience Regenerative Practice applied to you, your organizations, and your community. You will learn about this way of thinking and being by directly engaging in this work. You will also learn about the upcoming course, The Regenerative Practitioner, and how you can participate in the development of a local community of regenerative practice.

 May 11th, 12pm EST

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Lisbon/Europe Community of Practice

 Our growing Portuguese community of practice warmly invites you to join us for the fourth Europe-based offering of The Regenerative Practitioner (TRP) series.

 The journey of bringing the vision and practice of this approach to Europe started in 2018, in Palma de Mallorca, and gained new momentum with a second TRP in 2020 and a third that came to an end in March 2021.

Our intention in organizing this fourth European TRP is two-fold. We want to support the evolution of this practice in Europe by continuing to spread regenerative seeds across our  continent; we also intend to grow the community of regenerative practitioners in Portugal. This TRP series is therefore aimed at participants based in both Europe as a whole and in Portugal in particular. There is an emerging community of practitioners around Europe that communicate with each other on a regular basis and some meet every 3 weeks to resource each other in their developmental journey. In Portugal, the community is gaining momentum with emerging interest for this work coming from different sources: companies, public institutions, civil society organizations as well as formal and informal networks of change agents from all sectors of society. We are committed to nurture the evolution of this practice in Portugal and Europe, through stretching ourselves in delivering this work to organizations and communities feeling called to work with regenerative development; holding a collective space for the evolution of the community of practitioners; and contributing to make this work visible to the society at large.

We encourage you to join us to explore how we can evolve our thinking to bridge the gap between our will to bring regenerative development into our work and our capacity to do so, as we try to nurture communities where people and place are breathing harmoniously together as a living system. 

“Doing TRP brought a feeling of coming home. This is the work I’ve been preparing myself to do, and I’m committed to evolve this practice as I commit to it for the rest of my life.” - Nuno Da Silva, TRP alumnus and host team member 





Southwest Community of Practice

The Southwest Community of Practice includes practitioners from all Southwestern US States. Within the overall Southwestern group, there is also a smaller community of practitioners concentrated in Austin, TX.


Southwestern US

The Southwest Community of Practice  started meeting in September of 2020. We meet bi-weekly for ninety minutes. We have a diversity of sectors and fields represented in our community of practice: architecture, biophilic design, education, economic & community development, private & non-profit sector, grant making/social investing, and consulting & health care. A combination of highly diverse fields of practice & broad geographic reach links numerous local practices and practitioners by providing intimate interaction, depth of understanding & growth possibilities. 

 We are centered on developing a balanced head/heart/hand, with a focus on inner development. We share a strong level of dedication to the work.

We have an organic approach to evolving and are excited about deepening our peer resourcing, developing a clearer sense of place and region, and exploring our essence/patterns.

"Convening regularly with a group of enthusiastic regenerative practitioners significantly informs and enhances our individual work while providing on-going inspiration. The group's commitment to continuous learning is both palpable and practical in ways that bring regenerative development principles home to roost in pragmatic ways." - David E. Vogel, TRP alumnus


The Austin regenerative community of practice was inaugurated after the first Austin TRP in 2018. Local members of our community of practice include educators, businesspeople, farmers, organizational development specialists, sustainable design consultants, planners, architects, and engineers.

The core essence of our group is independent thinking and action.  We aim to support each other in our individual practices, and ideally achieve a critical mass of practitioners in our region to ‘move the needle’ on critical issues in our region.