The Regenesis School

A robust menu of offerings to support your ongoing learning path as a graduate of The Regenerative Practitioner Series.* Enrollment is ongoing. To view the school catalogue, log in to the Regenerates Member Portal.

Welcome to The Regenesis School

The Regenesis School is an ongoing resource for TRP graduates, designed to support you as you navigate your developmental path in this work.

School offerings fall within two semesters: Winter (October – March, i.e. summer in the Deep Pacific) and Summer (April – September, i.e. winter in the Deep Pacific).

Graduates of The Regenerative Practitioner Series are invited to access the School’s offerings at any pace and level of frequency that best supports your work. A generous scholarship program is available to ensure equity of access to these programs.



Who Are We / Why A School

We are a collegial community of peers, dedicated to evolving regenerative work in ourselves and the world. We draw from a rich and varied tradition, translating living-systems understandings into practical applications. We work with a developmental technology, a cohesive way of working that emerges from and is in integrity with the core epistemology, cosmology and ontology of regenerative development.

We operate from a belief that life is evolving, and that every living being (including ourselves) has the inherent potential to contribute to this evolutionary process. For this reason, we share a collective commitment to ongoing personal and professional development in service to the life that surrounds us, so that our own inner transformations become instruments for changing the outer world.

We avoid trainings or courses that are designed to transfer knowledge. Instead, we seek to enable each of our members to grow their own capacity for thoughtfulness, discernment, caring, and application of living-systems perspectives. We come from diverse backgrounds, disciplines, and life experiences and this is a source of strength and breadth of understanding. As creative beings, we chart our own unique learning paths, consistent with the contributions we choose to make in the world. The role of the school is to provide evolving opportunities to pursue these paths, in the company of other learners.

In designing each course, we emphasize the importance of concreteness by anchoring the learning experience to participants’ real projects and endeavors. We build in depth, so that participants can return to the materials again and again to find new meanings and insights. We reflect the whole of regenerative philosophy even as we go deep into a specific subject, so that coherence of approach can be sustained. And we embrace a spirit of shared, open-ended inquiry—a commitment to regenerating our own thinking—so that we avoid becoming trapped in dogmatic certainties.

Welcome to the Regenesis School. We are glad to have you join us.

Three Natures of Learning Experience

To enable finding the support you need at different phases of your own developmental journey, Regenesis School courses are structured around three natures of learning experience.

Practice Studios: A working practice ground for developing peer-to-peer resourcing capabilities and increasing efficacy in the application of TRP frameworks to real, live projects that members are currently working on. You get access to these drop-in monthly studios when you become a subscriber of The Regenesis School, which also gives you a discount on Mastery Courses and Workshops.

Mastery Courses: Deeper dive courses focused on developing greater mastery in regenerative systems thinking technology and methodology. Mastery Courses run for the length of the semester and include preparatory reading and assignments.

Workshops: Workshops are focused on developing capacity for direct applicability of frameworks and processes from key arenas of regenerative practice. Workshops consist of 2 or 3 weekly sessions.

Three Aspects of Development

The Regenesis School’s catalogue of courses and workshops is designed to provide the ability to move through three different aspects of development that regenerative practitioners navigate through as a nested system. This semester, we are offering courses and/or workshops at all three levels:

In Regenerative Capabilities, we will focus on increasing fluency and nimbleness in applying regenerative ideas, frameworks, and practices across our work and personal lives. The aim is to deepen understanding of the underlying developmental technology — how it works, why it works the way it does, and how different aspects fit together. Ultimately, this will better enable each practitioner to contribute to the evolution of regenerative development in the world.

    In Regenerative Business and Practice we will focus on the business dimension of a regenerative practice. The aim is to grow successful, effective, and influential endeavors that work in harmony with their places.

    In Regenerative Systems Change we will focus on how to understand and regenerate living systems. The aim is to learn how to create change in the places and fields that we care deeply about through evolving the organizations, communities and ecosystems we serve.

    Enrollment in the School’s programming is ongoing. To view the school catalogue, log in to the Regenerates Member Portal.

    *Enrollment in The Regenesis School is available to individuals who have fulfilled at least one of the following prerequisites:

    • Completion of The Regenerative Practitioner Series
    • Membership of at least one year in the Carol Sanford Institute’s CAD community
    • Membership of at least one year in Resource Development Mexico City (RDMX)
    • Membership of at least one year in Reiki Resource Development (The Hague)

    Because this continuing education programming is designed for individuals with previous history engaging substantially with this methodology, enrollment is not open to individuals who have not fulfilled one of the above prerequisites.

    If you meet one of the above prerequisites but are new to the Regenerates community, you can create a login account when you proceed to the Member Portal.