Regenesis Institute’s programs are designed to support regenerative practitioners who feel called to serve as agents for the regeneration of the communities and systems in which they work.

The Regenerative Practitioner Series

The Regenerative Practitioner Series is an in-depth, six-month course held over Zoom videoconference with a culminating three-day Intensive (which is sometimes online, sometimes in person). Cohorts are organized geographically to support the emergence of place-sourced communities of practice.

The series takes participants on a deep dive into the fundamental shifts in how we think and how we work that underlie a regenerative approach to development of all kinds. 

While anyone who strives to practice regenerative work is a “regenerate” in spirit, an important outcome of the series is the creation of a new collaborative foundation from which to engage with one another as thinking partners and “friends in the work.” This shared foundation has enabled the emergence of the global community of practice that we call The Regenerates.  





Want to learn more about the Regenesis approach? We periodically offer free public seminars to provide an introduction to regenerative practice and and orientation to the global community of practice that we’ve developed through The Regenerative Practitioner Series. We also archive recordings of previous seminars on our Resources page.


The Regenerates member community

The Regenerates community of TRP graduates is supported by Regenesis Institute through a variety of in-person and online events and learning programs as well as an online platform, The Regenerates Member Portal, that provides cross-community connectivity. TRP graduates also foster strong and supportive relationships with one another as thinking partners and “friends in the work.” 

The Regenerates member community is growing rapidly, and concentrations of graduates in multiple cities and regions around the globe are approaching critical mass in terms of the potential to shift levels from a community of practice to a “community of influence” capable of organizing for direct action. At the Institute our greatest strategic focus is the development of on-the-ground support systems for our member practitioners, while further strengthening the connections between and within this “community of communities.”

The Regenesis School

The Regenesis School serves as an ongoing developmental resource to members of The Regenerates global community. 

A common thread that connects many TRP graduates is the sense that as our capacity increases, so do our aspirations to deliver greater and greater levels of value to our communities, teams, and stakeholders. It is from this understanding that you will often hear us say that the work of growing the capacity to practice regenerative work is a lifelong process. 

We view that process as an unfolding path that is unique to each of us. The aim of The Regenesis School is to support practitioners in charting that path for themselves, at a pace that is supportive of their aims, and bolstered by the support of the broader Regenerates community.

Image credits: Abundance Basket by Caroline Robinson. Story of Place process by Tye Ferrell. Austin TRP conversation by Elkk Photography.