About Us

About Regenesis Institute

The Regenesis Institute creates education programs that enable regenerative practitioners to work in a disciplined way on the inner development that’s required in order to become an effective agent for transforming the way humans inhabit the earth.

Our Approach

Our education programs are grounded in a thinking technology and process methodology for creating effective interventions into the systems that support human life and human communities–a fundamentally different way of thinking and working that is pivotal to the aim of bringing these systems back into alignment with the vitality and wisdom of the natural world. 

Our approach to regenerative development has been honed over nearly three decades of work in the field, spanning hundreds of projects around the world and across a range of disciplines. Our technology and methodology have been sourced by a rich lineage of groundbreaking thinkers, each decades ahead of their time, who have worked to translate a living-systems understanding of the world into practical application. And alongside the work of delivering our education programs, we have produced a comprehensive body of published work that is widely recognized as having set the modern standard for the rapidly emerging field of regenerative development.

About The Regenerates

Our global network of over 800 “regenerates”–our nickname for regenerative practitioners–are stewarding the emergence of communities of regenerative practice in locations around the world. 

The Regenerates are practicing this work in fields as diverse as: 

  • Community development and planning, architecture and the built environment
  • Systems change and climate change mitigation
  • Economic development, regenerative philanthropy and impact investing
  • Social justice, decolonization and indigenous sovereignty
  • Regenerative agriculture, ecological restoration and restorative land development
  • Regenerative tourism and eco-destination development 

     …and beyond.

We invite all awakening regenerative practitioners to step onto the learning path with us through the variety of resources and education offerings that you will find here. 

Image credit: Gary Bend