In addition to our education programs, the Institute’s faculty members have published widely on the topics of regenerative development and regenerative practice. Here you will find some of these selected resources.

Regenerative Development & Design

Evolving The Practice of Sustainability

Regenerative Development and Design takes sustainability to the next level, and provides a framework for incorporating regenerative principles into your current process. In this book, Regenesis Institute faculty members Pamela Mang and Ben Haggard explain what regenerative development is, how and why it works, and how you can incorporate the fundamental principles into your practice. A clear, focused framework shows you how to merge regenerative concepts with your existing work, backed by numerous examples that guide practical application while illustrating regenerative design and development in action. 

Articles, Interviews & Videos

There are many resources to discover and explore about the evolving field and practice of regenerative development. What we have compiled here is a good place to start but is by no means comprehensive. Here you will find a selection of articles, videos, and presentations by Regenesis Institute faculty members.


What is Regenerative Development?

Regenerative Development. Five-part video series by Regenesis. 2017.

Reaching for Regeneration Video presentation by Ben Haggard at Alliance for Sustainable Colorado. 2017.

The Regenerates. Video featuring members of Regenesis. 2015.

Sustainability Snack: From Sustainable to Regenerative Design Video featuring a framework developed by Regenesis. 2015.

 Regenerative Development and Design, by Pamela Mang and Bill Reed. Springer Encyclopedia of Sustainability Science and Technology, 2012.

Toward a Regenerative Psychology of Urban Planning, doctoral dissertation by Nicholas Mang, PhD. 2009.

Shifting from Sustainability to Regeneration, by Bill Reed. Building Research & Information, 2007.

Regenerative Development: The Only Viable Response to Climate Change by Shannon Murphy and Bill Reed. The Regenerative Development Blog, November 2017.

From Sustainability to Regeneration: Whole and Living System Design by Bill Reed at Pittsburgh Green Building Alliance’s Green, Healthy Schools conference. 2010.


Becoming a Regenerative Practitioner & Deepening Your Practice

Becoming a Regenerative Practitioner, Interview with Pamela Mang and Daniel Christian Wahl, 2017.

Leadership in Living Systems by Joel Glanzberg. The Regenerative Development Blog, March 2018

What Makes a Network Regenerative? by Beatrice Ungard. Presentation at Regen18 published on LinkedIn, May 2018.

Setting a Field for Potential to Manifest. Regeneration Rising! Conversation with Pamela Mang and Daniel Christian Wahl. 2020.
Video | Article

The Regenerative Community presentation by Joel Glanzberg for Creative Mornings Santa Fe. 2018.

Story of Place. Three short videos featuring members of Regenesis. 2016.

Deepening into Regenerative Practice. Regeneration Rising! Conversation with Bill Reed and Daniel Christian Wahl. 2020.
Video | Article

Whole Systems Economic Development: A Regenerative Approach by Ben Haggard and Beatrice Ungard, August 2020. Download PDF


Introduction to the Thinking Behind Regenerative Development: An Annotated Bibliography. We have compiled a bibliography of published works that have provided inspiration to us over the years and that, together, offer an introduction to the thinking behind regenerative development as both a concept and an approach.