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Cohort Schedule

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Schedule for Cohort A

Session Date Time (Lisbon) Time (Berlin) Time (Qatar)
Meet-up Tues 7/6 4pm-6pm 5pm-7pm 6pm-8pm
1 Tues 7/20 4pm-6pm 5pm-7pm 6pm-8pm
2 Tues 8/3 4pm-6pm 5pm-7pm 6pm-8pm
3 Tues 8/17 4pm-6pm 5pm-7pm 6pm-8pm
4 Tues 8/31 4pm-6pm 5pm-7pm 6pm-8pm
5 Tues 9/14 4pm-6pm 5pm-7pm 6pm-8pm
6 Tues 9/28 4pm-6pm 5pm-7pm 6pm-8pm
7 Tues 10/12 4pm-6pm 5pm-7pm 6pm-8pm
8 Tues 10/26 4pm-6pm 5pm-7pm 6pm-8pm
Intensive Fri 11/5 – Sun 11/7 all day all day all day
9 Tues `11/16 4pm-6pm 5pm-7pm 7pm-9pm



Zoom Access Information

Videoconference sessions are hosted on Zoom. You can easily join the sessions by clicking the access link in the reminder email we send you before each session.

The Zoom access link is the same for all sessions:

Study Cohort Membership

Click here to view a spreadsheet of study cohort membership.

Session Recordings

Videoconference recordings will be posted here within 2 days of each session.

Meetup Session

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Additional Materials

Cohort Members

We’ve set up a social-media-style group where you can interact with your cohort members.

Faculty Liaison

Contact your Cohort A Faculty Liaison, Nuno da Silva, with questions for faculty, including questions about the course content, assignments, or study cohorts.