RSVP Received!

The Regenerates Global Gathering, March 2022

Thank you for submitting your RSVP for The Regenerates Global Gathering! A confirmation email including a link back to this page has been sent to the email address you provided. A full schedule of sessions will be sent to all participants the week of March 14.


There is no registration fee for participation in the gathering, but our hope is to raise some funds to support making this an annual event. 

We invite you to think about offering a financial contribution with reciprocity in mind, a “spirit of gift” and the idea of supporting this event moving forward. We invite you to assess your current financial and life circumstances, reflect on the value this event will bring to you, the community and this practice and consider that the amount generated by these donations will serve to fund the next edition of this event, designed and hosted by practitioners for practitioners. You can choose to give no financial contribution, or offer 20, 40, 60 or more USD depending on your capacity.

Sign up to host a session

To sign up to host a session, you will click the link below to navigate to the event calendar in TeamUp. Steps for adding a session are below. You can also watch the instructional video from our tech helper Ben Roberts!

How to add a session to the event calendar:

  1. Use this link to access the calendar in add-only mode (here is the read-only link)
  2. Decide on your session time and identify a space that is not currently booked
  3. Right-click on the Session Time slot you want (the dark green boxes)
  4. Select “duplicate”
  5. Add your session info in the pop-up box
  6. Click “Save”

You will be able to come back and modify session info for the last session you entered as long as you do so within a few days of creating your entry.  If you need support, please email our event organizer Nuno Da Silva.