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Each time you log in you’ll be taken immediately to your Course Dashboard, where you can easily find your course materials and Zoom access information. When you’re logged in, you can always access the Course Dashboard via the menu at the top of the screen.

Your Participant Profile

Now it’s time to set up your participant profile, so your fellow TRP participants can learn more about you! If you’ve already set up your profile for a previous course, you can use it as-is or choose to edit it now.  In your profile you will:

  • Share your profession, location, and a brief description of your work
  • Upload a profile photo and a cover photo
  • And provide an email address for your fellow series participants to use if they want to contact you.

Once everyone has set up their profiles, we’ll put a link to view the entire group on the Course Dashboard. Don’t have time to set up your profile right now? Don’t worry! You can do so later via the My Profile link in the menu at the top of your screen.

[profile url=”profile/edit/group/1/” text=”Set Up My Profile”]