The Regenerative Practitioner Intro Practicum

Vancouver, BC Canada


We are pleased to introduce The Regenerative Practitioner Intro Practicum — an opportunity for TRP graduates, along with your colleagues and collaborators, to (re)connect, regenerate, deepen and extend regenerative practices into your day-to-day work and life.

For both TRP graduates and those that are new to this work, the TRP Intro Practicum offers an opportunity to:

  • (RE)CONNECT to core living systems frameworks and concepts from TRP, how and where they can be applied and the value they bring
  • REGENERATE the experience of discovering, and enabling others in seeing, new potential and new pathways to evolution
  • DEEPEN understanding of how to introduce and apply regenerative development frameworks across different work settings and sectors
  • EXTEND regenerative and developmental approaches, weaving them into your professional and personal work life to make both more whole and more aligned.

Regenerative development is a team sport that requires thinking partners

What’s Next After TRP? A Collaborative Learning Path

The flagship The Regenerative Practitioner series (TRP), which was offered in Vancouver for the first time last year, provides a deep dive into the fundamentals of regenerative development that delivers not just a toolkit, but an encyclopedia of regenerative concepts, frameworks, practices and processes. More fundamentally, TRP introduces a way of thinking, working and being that is profoundly different from what practitioners have experienced through other learning modalities. It is challenging to sustain the discipline to practice these new ways of thinking, working and being on one’s own—and even more challenging in work environments where no one else has been exposed to this work.

Regenerative development is a team sport that requires thinking partners. Regenerative practitioners are called not only to develop themselves, but also to serve as an effective resource to the development of others—the colleagues, team members, and collaborators whose own contributions are critical to delivering regenerative outcomes.

Regenerative practice requires sustaining force behind these two parallel streams of work—developing the self while resourcing others—as the basis for elevating our contribution to the larger systems we are working within. In other words, we can only develop mastery through ongoing, practical application. For this reason, we frame regenerative practice as a learning path rather than a training—when we step out of this cycle of learning and application, we lose our ability to connect to the inner source of regeneration that fuels our ability to practice this work.

How does the Intro Practicum work?

The Intro Practicum provides a powerful container for developing this mastery by enabling graduates of TRP to invite key colleagues and team members who are seeking an entry point onto the regenerative development learning path through a collaborative learning process. Together, you’ll develop a shared foundation of key frameworks and concepts by applying them directly to the practical opportunities and challenges faced in your ongoing work. Prior to the course participants will be asked to identify arenas in which they are particularly motivated to bring this way of working, whether it be team meetings, client meetings, a specific project or initiative, or even family situations.

For graduates of the TRP program: You may invite colleagues or team members into this course to participate alongside you, but this is not required. Whether or not you participate with a thinking partner, the course will help you develop the capacity to serve as a resource to your real-life collaborators.

For those who are new to this work: For this course, you must participate with a TRP graduate who has invited you into this work.

The TRP Intro Practicum consists of five two-hour videoconference sessions combined with a two-day retreat workshop at the Springbrooke Retreat Center in Langley, BC, less than an hour from downtown Vancouver by car.

The schedule for the Vancouver Intro Practicum is as follows. All times are Vancouver local time. All sessions are recorded and made available for viewing, so you can catch up if you miss a session.

  • Videoconference Sessions: 9:00 – 11:00 am on Wednesdays: October 9, October 16, October 30 and November 13
  • Retreat: Friday Nov 29 to Sunday Dec 1 at Springbrooke Retreat Centre. We will gather for dinner on Friday from 5:30 – 8:30 pm, and meet all day on Saturday and Sunday from 9 am to 5 pm with a lunch break.
  • Final Videoconference Session: Wednesday, December 11 from 9:00 am – 11:00 am

Want to learn more about regenerative practice? Download our PDF, The Regenerative Practitioner Learning Path.

Develop a shared foundation of  regenerative concepts and frameworks by applying them directly to the practical opportunities and challenges faced in your ongoing work

About our Intensive location

Springbrooke Retreat and Conference Centre is located 45 minutes outside Vancouver on a beautiful 16 acre Fraser Valley property nestled in a grove of cedars on the banks of the Salmon River, in beautiful Langley, BC.

The property radiates tranquility and heart, and has been an honoured and sacred place for many groups for centuries. In years long past, First Nations elders gathered for ceremony on this river bank, while today, the site hosts many organizations committed to personal growth, spirituality and the well-being of the world.

The grounds offer a perfect sanctuary, with an uninterrupted wooded area, trails, an orchard, a river, and various types of animals and birds for wildlife and bird watching enthusiasts to enjoy. There is also a tennis court, a pool, a hot tub, a sauna, and beautiful outdoor showers overlooking the river.

The facility provides shared accommodation (most rooms are shared by for 2, 3, or 4 people) in simple, clean and somewhat rustic rooms and delicious, healthy food that is prepared on-site and served buffet style. Single accommodations may be available for an additional fee.

Registration Information

Tuition for the Intro Practicum is $975 CAD plus $262.50 for your accommodations (inclusive of meals and refreshments) at the retreat. Your personal travel expenses are not included in this fee. To hold your space, you may either pay in full or initiate a six-month payment plan. In either case, one-sixth of your tuition acts as a deposit which is non-refundable for withdrawals received after September 26, 2019.

There are a limited number of spaces in the course, half of which are already reserved. The final registration deadline for all participants is September 26. However, we suggest that you register as early as possible to ensure that we have space for you. When the course is filled we will put new registrants on a wait list. A second cohort is possible, but not guaranteed.

Ready to sign up?

If you are interested in participating in the practicum, please continue on to our application page at your earliest convenience.

Photography credits, top to bottom: Springbrooke exterior and grounds, courtesy Sprinbrooke Retreat and Conference Centre, 2018 TRP cohort: Tye Ferrell.

All illustrations by Ian Durneen.