Pattern Mind
Learning The Language of Life

Pattern Mind: Learning the Language of Life is a one-day workshop for those who are seeking to experience the natural world in transformational ways and improve and inspire their lives by developing deep resonance with living systems. The workshop triangulates the perspectives of traditional tracking (pattern reading), living systems thinking (pattern thinking) and regenerative development (pattern generating), so that we can relearn how to see with nature’s mind and act as essential members of this living world, each of us with critical roles that the planet is dying for us to play.

About the workshop

This workshop is appropriate for anyone on a journey of discovery across all interests, disciplines, and abilities. Exercises exploring the reflection of the patterns in our landscape with the patterns in our bodies, our breath, and our minds will take us from silent observation to verbal and non-verbal dialogue to movement, in order to learn visceral ways to experience how living systems work, and how to take our effective places within them. Though we will be using our bodies, the course will not be overly rigorous and is appropriate for people of all physical abilities. The workshop will:

  • Interweave concepts from the interrelated disciplines of  tracking, permaculture, and regenerative development to embed the working of the living world in your everyday thinking;
  • Reveal the powerful lessons found deep within nature’s living systems and indigenous ways of knowing;
  • Unearth the power of working with patterns to identify new opportunities for insight and innovation;
  • Explore the body, landscape and mind through observation, movement and dialogue;
  • Guide the way to re-enter nature’s mind, removing barriers and advancing opportunities from the personal and professional to the planetary.


Workshop details
The workshop will take place on Saturday, May 25 from 9 am to 5 pm within the redwood forest at a private home in Mill Valley. Tuition is $175. Participants will bring their own lunch.

After the workshop, all participants are invited to stay for an optional, casual potuck dinner.

About your instructor
The workshop will be led by Joel Glanzberg. Joel is a renowned permaculturalist, tracker, author, educator and systems thinker. Joel is a lead faculty member for The Regenerative Practitioner series, and has taught throughout North and South America as well as Africa. Joel has worked with a variety of Native American tribes and communities, as well as a diverse client base including communities, colleges and universities, government agencies, and private developers.
Ready to register?
Please continue on to our registration page at your earliest convenience. Questions can be directed to our host, Yeshua Adonai.

Photo credits, top to bottom: Ryan Kelehar, Emily Neihaus, Cary Odus.