Evolving Our Practice, Evolving The Field
With Ben Haggard and Bill Reed
Evolving Our Practice, Evolving The Field is a 1.5-day workshop in which we’ll come together to regenerate and evolve our capabilities as practitioners towards the aim of more powerfully bringing regenerative work into the world.

We’ve been offering The Regenerative Practitioner series to practitioners all over the world since 2013. But it wasn’t until we brought TRP to Aotearoa that we began to see the true potential of developing a local community of practice dedicated to regenerative work. In 2019, we are using the TRP course to grow local communities of regenerative practice in five other cities, and we’ll be expanding even further to more cities in 2020 and beyond. We see these communities of regenerative practice as instrumental in enabling humanity to respond effectively to the critical global issues that we will face as a species in the coming decades.

The intention of these ‘local TRPs’ has been to grow critical mass – a large enough group of regenerative practitioners, whose work spreads over a wide enough breadth of projects, disciplines, and sectors of a place to be able to ‘tip the scales’ on the direction of the community as a whole. This tipping of the scales is conceptualized not only in terms of its ability to change the trajectory of the health of the place, but also in terms of a growing demand for regenerative work and for the specific capabilities that regenerative practitioners can provide.

Growing our influence

In Aotearoa, we see that we have reached one level of critical mass—by the end of June 2019, close to 90 local practitioners will have gone through the TRP programme, bringing this work into a wide and inspiring range of disciplines and projects. The next level of critical mass, as we see it, depends on growing our capability as individual practitioners, while growing our influence as a place-sourced community of practice

In this 1.5-day workshop, we’ll work on two reciprocal dimensions of growing our influence:

Evolving Our Practice: As practitioners, how can we better capitalize upon opportunities to bring this work to the nascent projects and emerging initiatives that would benefit from it? What do each of us as unique individuals have to contribute to the broader field of regenerative practice in Aotearoa?

Evolving The Field: As a community of practice, how do we become a more powerful locus of influence in and across our place? How can we leverage our individual efforts to further deepen our collective sense of the purpose and potential of regenerative work, for Aotearoa and for the world?

Workshop details

The workshop will take place on June 8 – 9 at the Blockhouse Bay Boatclub, Blockhouse Bay, Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland. We’ll be gathering from 9 am to 5 pm on Saturday and 9 am to 1 pm on Sunday. Light snacks and refreshments will be provided; please bring food for shared lunches on both days.

This workshop is being offered with a flexible tuition rate. We recognize that many practitioners are able to apply this work in ways that further increase the viability and/or profitability of their organisation and/or business. These practitioners are encouraged to pay the full tuition rate of $475 NZD. For practitioners that do nonprofit or activism work, or are for other reasons on a tight budget, we offer a discounted rate of $275 NZD. Please self-select the tuition rate that works for you.


Ready to register?

Please continue on to our registration page at your earliest convenience. Questions about this workshop may be directed to Shannon Murphy.

Photo credits, top to bottom: Aotearoa, Oleksii Arseniuk; leaves, Laura Forest Photography; basket, artist Caroline Robinson of Cabal, photo Simon Devitt.